Products We Love

L'Ange Hair Products


These fabulous products are amazing and help us to achieve the look you want! 

We have had a ton of brides ask: "How do I get the products you use?" 

We we do not sell these products, however here is the link to the L'ange website: 

Lange Hair Wanda and Straightners


These Rose Gold Titainium Hair Wands and Straightners are the worth every penny! 

They hold curl like novody business. 

Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder


This is our favorite dry shampoo powder! It is not only good for making your hair less greasy, it also creates a ton of height Especially for fine hair 

Kenra Hair Spray


Kenra is an amazing line of hair products! We love their hairsprays and use them on many of our clients depending on what Hair type they have 

Arbonne Organic Makeup


Arbonne products are beautifly crafted to ensure perfection! 

These products can be bought through us by clicking below. 

Temptu Airbrush Makeup


This is the top professional airbrush makeup! It comes in every skin color imaginable, which allows us to do makeup on everyone!